Monday, January 7, 2008

2007: A Grace Odyssey

N.B.: The following was a Facebook note -- with minor edits -- I sent some friends of mine a few days before the new year, and hence before I began this blog. I'm placing it below in the hopes of blessing you, my readers, with it.

I usually don't do these sort of end-of-year retrospectives, but I just wanted to take this time at this amazingly blessed year to reflect on the grace of God in my life in 2007 and share it with you, my friends, colleagues, fellow bloggers and Facebook addicts.

In 2007 the Lord brought to me a renewed joy in my salvation, a new church home, an awesome new job, and a sweet, godly, beautiful girlfriend who is an encouragement to my faith and a delight to my heart. She's also not on Facebook but no one's perfect. ;)

[That's all on top of the blessings of time with coworkers (how many people can honestly say that like I can?), family, and friends, including the September road trip Bristol, Tenn., for a weekend of amazing bluegrass music, and of course the legendary epic goodness that was the Georgia-Auburn game in November.]

God is faithful even when I've been faithless, and I'm finding more and more that His grace truly is sufficient for me. I rejoice in how the Lord is working in me greater patience and kindness towards others.

I've still a long way to grow in godliness, but I thank God that "He who began a good work" of salvation in me "will be faithful to complete it." More and more I've learned and am learning the sweetness of the blessed assurance that Jesus is mine and that nothing can separate me from His love.

Another thing the Lord worked out in my life in the past year, and a large part of the renewal of joy in my salvation, is renewing my mind, particularly on the biblical Doctrines of Grace.

Truly understanding God's sovereign choice in choosing, saving, sanctifying, and ultimately glorifying His church has helped me to more fully appreciate my inherent sinful weakness, Christ's all-sufficiency, and God's complete and immutable control over the whole of time, space, and eternity. I rejoice in God's grace, knowing that left to my own devices and my own sin-warped mind, I'd never have chosen Him. It's this knowledge that has and continues to take me down a few pegs whenever I get tempted to glory in anything but the cross of Christ.

With this knowledge that God is ever sovereign and working out all things to His glory, I can face the uncertainties and vexations of temporal politics, particularly in this maddening 2008 presidential season, with joy in Christ and His finished work, and with a genuine longing for His glory and His eternal and peaceful reign over a renewed universe.

So giving all glory to God and thanking Him for His mercies being new every morning, much less every new year, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

I'll see you all around online, and those of you that I'm privileged to work with on January 2.



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