Monday, January 28, 2008

Pride in Work Well Done?

Another day at work is wrapping up. Another Monday, in fact.

It got me to thinking: Is my pride in my work, which I enjoy thoroughly, in danger of, or already becoming in effect an idol in my life?

When I thank God at the end of the day for such a great day, in my heart am I glorying in my efforts and my success, or marveling in the fact that it is His grace towards me that enables me to do all that I do to His glory?

Lord, another work day has closed. It's had its share of accomplishment and disappointments, as will, I suspect, tomorrow. Help me today and every day to truly empty myself of all the glory and pride I take in MY work and MY accomplishments and MY diligence, and instead reflect on the fact that it's your grace in my life that makes any success not only possible, but possible to be used for your glory.

After all, it is your glory and your kingdom I wish to see advanced. Help me all the more to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness in everything, especially my job.




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