Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sovereign Grace Ministries Now Has a Blog

Sovereign Grace Ministries has a blog and its president and founder C.J. Mahaney is its principal contributor:

Well, I guess I can’t postpone this any longer. Today brings to an official end the countless conversations and numerous meetings about possibly starting this blog. I’m committed now, at least for this week. Here is what you need to know about this new blog—this was not my idea! It has taken a very long time (we’re talking years) and a growing chorus of demanding friends in order to convince me (aren’t there enough blogs already?) that doing this would in some way serve you. In fact, it was that possibility, that I could somehow serve pastors, members of Sovereign Grace churches and anyone who wanted to listen in, that eventually persuaded me to begin this blog. So, I hope in some small way this does serve you and if not then we will simply close it down and I will hold my well-meaning friends responsible.
Sounds like we can't expect a Facebook profile anytime soon, but I'm glad C.J. now has a bloggy presence on the Web. I enjoy his sermons and suspect he might bring some interesting insights to the Web as well.



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