Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sermon Notes: Resurrection of the Dead

The following are some sermon notes from Easter Sunday (March 23, 2008) at Solid Rock Church in Riverdale, Md. The sermon was delivered by senior pastor John Loftness.

[If the sermon is added to the Web site I'll update with a link to the audio here.]

The text was I Corinthians 15:1-8;12-28

Three Major Points (my paraphrase in italics):

  1. The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ is the heart of the Gospel, of first importance (vv. 1-8), preceding all else. Christ's death in place of sinners and resurrection from the dead is the Gospel. If we preach Christ merely as moral example, we deny the message of the Gospel: Christ died for sinners and He calls sinners to repent and believe in Him and His sacrifice for their sins.
  2. If you deny the resurrection, you deny the whole Gospel (vv. 12-19).
    1. Preaching is in vain if there's no Resurrection (v.14)
    2. The apostles would be lying about the nature of God if there's no resurrection (v.15)
    3. We're still in our sins w/o resurrection of Christ (v. 17)
    4. Those who died in the faith are lost forever (v.18)
  3. The Resurrection of Christ resolves every human problem, including and ultimately the final enemy, death (vv.20-28).
Closing Thoughts (vv. 54-58):
  1. We have victory over death in the resurrection as given us "through our Lord Jesus Christ." (v. 57)
  2. Because of this hope we are to be "steadfast, immovable" and "always abounding in the work of the Lord" as we know our "labor is not in vain." (v.58)



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