Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quote of the Day on Pop Christianity*

We serve a precise God who has revealed himself with precision in his word; the least we could do is try to be clear with the message. --Erik Raymond @ Irish Calvinist
Check out his blog post linked above. Good stuff.

Here's an excerpt, where Raymond objects to a Christian T-shirt emblazoned with the saying, "God is crazy about you.":

I don’t know about you but to portray God like some ditzy teenage girl, snapping his gum and scribbling my name on a piece of scrap paper does not seem biblical. God is gracious, loving, merciful and just; he is not enchanted by my apparent value or worth; he is certainly not overcome by ‘crazy love’ (insert prom music here).
*a term I'll use to describe the use of Christianized slogans and products as a cultural alternative to pop culture.



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