Thursday, July 24, 2008

Acts: God's Sovereignty in Evangelism

So I'm reading through Acts again, and for the first time I'm really picking up on the harmonious interplay with evangelism and the sovereignty of God. Critics of the Doctrines of Grace sovereign (Calvinism, however you want to style it) often argue that such a view of sovereignty and predestination militates against evangelism. That can be the case when the doctrines are dislodged from their biblical moorings, but when rightly understood and put into practice, Calvinism fuels evangelism.

I may blog about this more in depth later, but regardless of whether I do or not, I'd encourage you the next time you read through Acts to pray for the Lord to show you how the early church proclaimed the Gospel and how their understanding of God's sovereignty over all influenced, empowered, and compelled them to action.



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