Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will Your Trivial Pursuits Profit You in the End?

It came to my attention today that a co-creator of the Trivial Pursuit board game died recently at the age of 59:

Chris Haney, a former Canadian journalist whose fascination with entertaining, barely useful tidbits of information led him to co-create the bestselling board game Trivial Pursuit, died May 31 at a Toronto hospital. He was 59.
He had kidney and circulatory problems, said Scott Abbott, who created the game with Haney more than 30 years ago and watched it become a cultural phenomenon across North America and around the world.
The game's success allowed Mr. Haney to indulge his passion for golf. With Abbott, he built Devil's Pulpit and Devil's Paintbrush in Ontario; they were named the best new golf courses in 1991 and 1992, respectively, by Golf Digest magazine. Mr. Haney spent every winter in Marbella, Spain, sailing there on an ocean liner because he was averse to flying. 
I have no idea of the state of Mr. Haney's soul, but I do know he has faced the God who created Him and has judged Him in perfect righteousness. I also know you and I will one day face that same God to whom we owe perfect love and obedience.


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